Workshop: Essential Pistols: Safety, Operation, Handling, and Legal Concealment 0

When: 7pm, October 7th.
Where: okcCoCo
Are you interested in knowing more about pistols, maybe even getting a concealed carry license, but you don’t know much about pistols? Are you uncomfortable going to a gun or sporting goods store to explore and learn more? Then this class is for you. There will be no real guns or ammunition at this class — only animations and models will be used to allow you to relax and learn about handguns, how they work, and how to handle them safely. You will learn the differences between handgun types, and why you might want each of them. And, you will learn more about the concealed carry licensing process. Please note that this is not a concealed carry class. The class requires registration, but it is free to attend. Nothing will be offered for sale at this class — this is a public service offering. Do not bring a gun to this class; no guns are allowed on the property.

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