It’s a new, new year 0

One year at the okcCoCo has come and gone quicker than a whirlwind. Our sincere thanks go out to all the many people who believed in us, cheered us on, spread the word, lent us a hand and continue to support us by being members. Thanks to your help, we can look back together with pride knowing that we have started something special and unique in Oklahoma. Now that summer is coming to a close, our second year is coming into focus.

New Memberships

As part of our continued growth and evolution, we are excited to be able to launch new memberships that offer even more services than ever before while retaining a tiered pricing scheme designed to be affordable for anyone from freelancers to full time professionals. We have also added memberships to help small businesses take advantage of okcCoCo for meeting and work space. Importantly, we have introduced the Community Membership as a way you can support our community building efforts, even if you are not in particular need of our coworking or business services. For just $10 a month you will help sustain and foster the creation of community groups, events, workshops and classes at okcCoCo and help us maintain an open and vibrant community.

Community Groups

In a short time, the okcCoCo has become a home and resource for many different communities. These communities bring together Oklahoma City’s most creative, technical and entrepreneurial individuals. We have regularly hosted a wide variety of community groups including Refresh, the Java Users Group, the SQL Developers Group, the Developers Group, the SharePoint Users Group, Cocoa Heads, OK.rb the Ruby Users Group, the PHP Users Group, LUGnuts the Linux Users Group, the Final Cut Pro Users Group, the DC405, the Functional Programming Group, the Geek Writers, the Podcasting Club, the Bootstrappers Beer and the Oklahoma Video Producers Association. We are very proud to say that many of these groups started at and are supported by the okcCoCo. We stream live and digitally record many of the groups that meet at the okcCoCo. The archive of over 150 presentation is an amazing educational resource and is available for free viewing online. We continue to seek out existing community groups of all types, and welcome passionate individuals interested in starting new community groups.


We have also particularly enjoyed creating, running, facilitating and/or hosting large scale special events this last year including OpenBeta, BarCamp, MashupCamp, DevCam, PitchCamp, Startup Weekend, Code4aCause, Throw Your Voice, Deluxe Craft Weekend, the Gov20a Conference, the Red Dirt Ruby Conference, and Techmas. Expect to see many of these event return again this year. We are always willing to help passionate people looking to organize new and innovative events. Please come talk to us if you have an idea and would like our help.

Workshops and Meetings

It has been our pleasure to host well over 100 smaller events at the okcCoCo. We have had workshops and classes on topics such as iPhone development, information security, typography, photography, making, crafting and more. We have also been able to open our space up for business meetings, corporate offsites, marketing events, multiday training and social events. If you know of anyone looking to hold small or large events, please tell them about the okcCoCo. We have a range of spaces and services available at reasonable prices. We can host events ranging in size up to 250 people.

Fostering Business

We have also had much success helping to foster and grow businesses at the okcCoCo. While many of our events are aimed to encouraging and educating the community about business opportunities and mechanics, we spend a good amount of time helping our member businesses promote themselves, find new clients, learn about available resources, and find professionals to work with. The okcCoCo has become a nexus of professional connections. If you need help on a project, are looking to start a company, are looking for freelance or full time work, please contact us and let us help.

This next year looks even more promising than the last. Come help us make it so.

The okcCoCo Founders

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