A coworking space in Oklahoma City 0

Where is okcCoCo? We’ve finally moved out of our old facility in Midtown/Downtown Oklahoma City. We had three great years at that facility. Individuals and businesses together as a community, built something special that did not exist in Oklahoma before, and does not exist in many other cities. The okcCoCo is supported exclusively by its members and member businesses. We have been very lucky to have had many generous individuals support our efforts over the last three years. If you are a current or past okcCoCo member, we owe you a great debt.

Will there be another okcCoCo? Yes! We raised the funds necessary to open up a new facility through our indiegogo campaign. Although we’ve been working for over 6 months to secure a new location, we’ve run into a number of obstacles that have kept us from securing a lease on a new location. What we know, what we have learned over the last three years, is that having the right space is critical to the success of any coworking facility. While there are many space available, when you factor in our need for a downtown location, parking, an open floor plan, a modern design, integral meeting spaces, location near coffees and food, and a reasonable rental rate with a landlord who believes in the benefits that a coworking facility can bring to an area, the search becomes significantly more challenging. We are actively looking for just such a space and hope to have news for you soon. If you know of a such a space, please .

What is the okcCoCo? okcCoCo is focused on improving the technical, creative and entrepreneurial opportunities, resources and community in Oklahoma City. That can mean a lot of things, but as we see it, it means more jobs, more startup businesses, more events, more educational opportunities, stronger community, more attention from local government to the valuable contributions we make that help create a thriving, growing city and economy.

What has the okcCoCo accomplished? Looking back at the last three years, we have accomplished more than we ever thought possible, thanks to the contributions of the community. We have built a coworking facility where dozens of people work daily, dozens of businesses share our coworking and meeting space, and ten businesses have private office space. We’ve been able to connect freelance professionals and business with each other as well as with new clients seeking services. Through our events we have helped to promote and foster over 100 startup businesses. We have hosted well over 200 professional and user group meetings. We have launched new events including BarCamp, Red Dirt RubyConf, Gov20a, Code4aCause, Throw Your Voice, MobileBeta, Red Dirt Javascript. We’ve partnered with organizations like the Greater Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce and i2E to host events focused on entrepreneurship such as OpenBeta, Global entrepreneurship week, and Startup weekend and to help our companies participate in other events such as SXSW, The Entrepreneurs Conference, and Innotech.